FOCUS UHV instruments is a new supplier for Avactec

We have signed an agreement for Focus products, specialists in systems and sources of deposition, especially the range of electron beam evaporators. You can check the products offered in our section Sources and systems of deposition and Ion Sources, Photon Sources in Surface Science


FOCUS and FOCUS electronics

They have their facilities in the city of Leipzig, one of the industrial centers of eastern Germany.

All products are developed, manufactured and tested internally. This applies to the physical vacuum components, to the optical electronic components (FOCUS). In Leipzig, special emphasis is placed on software development and intelligent control concepts to combine ease of use with the latest technology.

Since the founding in 1990, a highly trained and motivated team of physicists and engineers in cooperation with external partners ensures that FOCUS and FOCUS electronics products always meet the latest demands of science and industry. of high technology. long-term.

The scientific instruments product range include electron beam evaporators. Their products have been used up to now mainly for research and industrial and institutional development, as well as for quality management.

For the most part, both companies maintain a strong collaboration with different universities and research institutes, ensuring that our products always meet the latest demands of high-tech branches in the long term.

A series of patents and the continuous development of all products guarantees and maintains the competitive advantage of the company.