Allectra introduce two new types of KAP301 insulated wires

Exclusive KAP301 radiation resistant Kapton® insulated wires.

Allectra are pleased to introduce two new types of KAP301 multistrand coaxial cable of two different thicknesses. These thin and flexible coax cables are radiation resistant. Typical applications include photo diode signals, drain currents from slit blades back to feedthroughs and general signals from beam positioning elements on synchrotron beamlines.

Compared to the standard wires, the radiation resistance is increased by a factor of 100. Also, the maximum usable temperature is higher and goes up to 300°C.

The following sizes for those insulated wires are available:

Multi-strand wire, 0.36mm diameter 301-KAPM-035
Multi-strand wire, 0.6mm diameter 301-KAPM-060

General Specifications:

– Radiation resistant to 10e9 rad

– Temperature resistant up to 300°C

– Voltage rating in vacuum 7.5KV DC

KAP301 is Allectra’s proprietary radiation-resistant Kapton wire.

Allectra provide High Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum components and bespoke solutions in multiple scientific and technology disciplines.


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