e are located in Madrid and are distributors in the Spanish and Portuguese markets for a wide range of manufacturers whose equipment is used for vacuum deposition and basic research under vacuum conditions.

With more than 30 years of experience with vacuum technology, we can offer our customers an unequaled level of service. All of our equipment suppliers are leaders in their fields, which means we can offer customised solutions when standard products don’t match your requirements.

  • Technology: We offer products from the most prominent manufacturers in their field.
  • Transparency: We tell our clients who our suppliers are and we keep them informed about the entire order process.
    We involve our suppliers in technical conversations with our customers.
  • Receptivity: We respond quickly and make sure that each client’s request is given the importance it deserves.
  • Quality Policy: Our Quality Management System requires compliance and a record of the supplier evaluation process that you can read here.


Angstrom Sciences

Principal customers

Many of our customers are in universities and research establishments that require ultra high vacuum conditions (UHV).

We also supply industrial customers working in a wide variety of fields including:

  • Coating (glass, hard, decorative)
  • Semiconductor device manufacture
  • Solar cell manufacture
  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray replication
  • Space simulation
  • Research
  • Industry
  • Universities

Research centers