ngstrom Sciences, Inc. was founded in 1988 to supply advanced magnetrons and refined materials for plasma vapor deposition of high quality thin films. With a strong focus on research and development, the company soon patented several technical advancements in magnetics, water-cooling, and circular magnetron target clamping designs. The features of the Angstrom Advantage™ have created the most advanced and easy-to-use magnetrons in the thin film industry.

Angstrom Sciences’ circular magnetrons have become recognized as the new standard of the sputtering industry, because in addition to the advanced features of the Angstrom Advantage™, they offer a host of other performance advantages as well.

  • Their compact design makes our circular magnetrons ideal for any new or retrofit application, including the most complex cluster assemblies for the smallest vacuum chambers.

  • Low-impedence heads provide RF, DC, mid-frequency DC, pulsed DC, and microwave power compatibility.Circular Magnetron External.

  • They use ISO NW standard fittings, as well as Conflat® metal seal flanges. All utilities are maintained at atmosphere and accessed through standard O-ring compression fittings for easy installation in any vacuum system.

  • Circular magnetron sources are available from 1″ (25mm) through 16″ (406mm) target diameters in either standard or custom configurations.Circular Magnetron Precision Flex.

  • The patented threaded target clamp and anode shield allow you to change targets without the use of ancillary tools. Their built-in adjustability also lets you fit targets of varying thickness without resorting to spacing devices.

  • ONYX® magnetrons can operate at extremely low pressure (down to the 10-4 Torr range), and our direct cooled designs can deliver power densities up to 250 watts/in2 (30 watts/cm2).
    Circular Magnetron Right Angle Shutter.

  • With higher power densities, you can coat a substrate faster. So Angstrom Sciences maximizes both your coating zone and your target utilization (usually in the 40% range) without a trade-off in rate.

  • Thanks to their patented profiled magnets, our magnetrons also deliver much greater uniformity of deposition – routinely in the ± 3-5% range.

  • All Angstrom Sciences’ magnetrons are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for two full years.

Deposition sources for research of Focus GMBH, electron beam evaporators and sources for the production of Sputtering Components Inc.

We offer Deposition sources for research


ocus has a highly trained and motivated team of physicists and engineers in cooperation with external partners ensures that their products always meet the latest demands of science and high-tech branches. long-term.

A series of patents and the continuous development of all products guarantee and maintain the competitive advantage of the company. All products are developed, manufactured and tested internally.

Electron beam evaporators

Deposition sources -

Basic: EFM 2 evaporator

The EFM 2 is a low budget basic version of the EFM 3. It features the same proven capabilities in terms of cooling concept, purity, evaporation area, temperature range, reliability, quality, etc. as the EFM 3, but without the shutter and flux monitor.

Deposition sources -

Clasic: EFM 3 evaporator

As the very first family member the EFM 3 is designed for thin film growth and molecular beam epitaxy. Sub-monolayer and multilayer systems can be produced with evaporation rates varying from 1/10 monolayer per minute to several monolayers per second.


EFM 3s: Suppressing ions

The EFM 3s adds an additional electrode to the EFM 3. A part of the evaporant beam in all products of the EFM-series is ionized by the electron bombardment during heating. Most of these ions are captured by the flux monitor electrode.


EFM 3i: Ion-Beam-Assisted Deposition (IBAD)

The EFM 3i is specifically designed to facilitate layer-by-layer growth in cases where it does not occur naturally.
It allows for the controlled evaporation of the target material, and the simultaneous generation of ions to create additional surface defects (Ion-Beam-Assisted Deposition, IBAD).


EFM 3T: Three sources at once

Based on the design concept of the EFM 3 evaporators, the triple evaporator EFM 3T features three independent cells for the evaporation of a wide range of materials from wires, rods or crucibles.
The three individual cells have crossing beams at about 93 mm distance from the exit aperture (254mm from the mounting flange) to ensure a maximum overlap of the evaporation area.


EFM 3Ts: Three sources at once with Ion suppression

The EFM 3Ts adds an additional electrode to the EFM 3T. To generate a 100 % neutral beam a voltage is applied at the exit of the EFM 3Ts which acts as an ion suppressor.
A part of the evaporant beam in all products of the EFM-series is ionized by the electron bombardment during heating. Most of these ions are captured by the flux monitor electrode.


EFM 4: For large Samples

The EFM 4 provides the same features as the EFM 3 but is intended for the deposition on substrates with a larger diameter up to about 50 mm.
The three different exit apertures allow to adapt the evaporation area exactly to the size of the sample. Evaporation rates varying from 1/10 monolayer per minute to over 1000 monolayers per second can be achieved by selection of the appropriate crucible and e-beam power.


EFM 6: Larger samples and crucibles

The EFM 6 evaporator extends the EFM product range to a larger scale. With a NW 63 CF (4.5” OD) base flange and a crucible capacity of up to 9 cm3, the EFM 6 holds about ten times as much material as the EFM 3.
Already at a short working distance the evaporation area is larger than 50 mm in diameter, which makes the EFM 6 ideally suited for substrates between 2” and 4”.


EFM H: Atomic Hydrogen Source

The EFM-H is a source to provide atomic hydrogen based on the design of the EFM 3. A flange NW 16 CF on the rear side is used for molecular hydrogen inlet including a pumping by-pass to clean the piping prior to H2 disposal.
Is an ideal instrument for the cleaning and etching of semiconductor surfaces (such as Si, GaAs, Ge or InP), for surface passivation, for improvement of thin film growth and other similar applications using atomic hydrogen


puttering Components Inc. (SCI) was founded in 2001. Its corporate headquarters, its manufacturing and service site are in Owatonna, Minnesota. SCI manufactures rotatable cathodes, end blocks, complete lid systems, and magnetics for coating systems of any width.

Internal Mount


External Mount


Swing Cathode™


Pretratament source


hermionics Laboratory, Inc.Founded in 1958 Thermionics is celebrating its 62nd year as the innovator in the research, design and manufacturing of precision vacuum equipment for scientific and industrial applications. From their standard product lines to custom equipment, they exceed customer’s requirements by setting the standard in quality and durability.

For new components and systems, to the modification and repair of existing equipment, to cleaning and refurbishing used equipment, Thermionics delivers the best equipment, services and value to customers around the world.

E-Guns™ – Single Pocket


E-Guns™ – Multi Pocket


RC Series 3 KW E-Guns™


HC Series 6 KW+ E-Guns™


IC Series 15 KW E-Guns™

* Hanks HM²™ & Hydra E-Guns™* Hanks HM²™ & Hydra E-Guns™* Hanks HM²™ & Hydra E-Guns™* Hanks HM²™ & Hydra E-Guns™

Hanks HM²™ & Hydra E-Guns™

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