our reliable partner for exhaust gas abatement. As an internationally operating company with a global network of service centres, CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS AG have been serving customers in the semiconductor and related high tech industries for over 25 years.

Based on proprietary dry bed absorption technology, their products have earned an unparalleled track record for safety, process reliability and environmentally-sustainable manufacturing.

Whether your application relates to semiconductors, photovoltaics, pharmaceuticals or chemicals, if it requires removal of downstream reactive gases please contact us and discover the advantages of CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS unique technology.

CLEANSORB – Dry bed abatement of process waste gas

CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS uses advanced chemisorber technology to design waste gas abatement systems which are unmatched in their scrubbing efficiency, yet absolutely simple to operate.

CLEANSORB – Extracción por lecho seco de gas residual de proceso

CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS utiliza tecnología de quimisorbentes avanzada para diseñar sistemas de reducción de gases de desecho inigualables en su eficacia de depuración, aunque su funcionamiento es realmente simple.


For small-scale research work, stand-alone absorber columns can be used to remove remaining gas concentrations downstream of the experimental chamber. Several safety components are available as accessories, including an air-extractable housing cabinet as well as options for pressure monitoring and downstream gas detection.



A small absorber column housed in a compact, air-extracted cabinet. Is permanently on ready and does not have to be heated up or otherwise activated each time a new experiment is to be run.



Is the standard CLEANSORB model for waste gas removal on factory-scale applications. Available in three column sizes, the system is readily adaptable to the requirements of both pilot line and full-scale manufacturing.



has been especially engineered to handle the gas flows and related operating conditions of safety-critical process applications, notably those of Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD).


CLEAN-PROTECT – Safeguard against emergency gas release

CLEAN-PROTECT is designed to absorb toxic or otherwise hazardous gases during an emergency gas release incident. This safety installation guards against uncontrolled escape of toxic, corrosive, or pyrophoric gases from one or several gas supply cabinets, thus protecting the workplace and the factory neighborhood.

CLEAN-PROTECT – Protección frente a casos de emergencia por fuga de gas

CLEAN-PROTECT se ha diseñado para absorber gases tóxicos o peligrosos en los casos de emergencia por fuga de gas. Esta instalación de seguridad protege contra los escapes no controlados de gases tóxicos, corrosivos o autoinflamables de uno o varios módulos de suministro de gas, protegiendo así el entorno de trabajo y los alrededores de la fábrica.


Available for a wide range of special purpose gases

At the heart of the CLEAN-PROTECT system is the dry chemisorbent material, CLEANSORB®. Escaping gases undergo an irreversible chemical reaction (oxidation or neutralization) within the CLEAN-PROTECT system, where they are safely converted into solid by-products. The system is installed inline with downstream air extract ducting and does not require power or other facilities to operate, meaning that it is permanently on stand-by.

The CLEAN-PROTECT system is manufactured from high-quality 316L stainless steel. In the absence of a gas release incident the change-out frequency of the absorber bed is five years.


CLEANVENT – Mini cartridge for gas cabinet vent lines

For over 20 years the CLEANVENT cartridge has proven itself a safe solution for the removal of hazardous purge gases.

Installed within the gas cabinet on the suction side of the venturi vacuum generator, or in a valve manifold box, the CLEANVENT cartridge allows residual gases to be scrubbed “at-source“.  

Designed to absorb toxic or dangerous gases in case of emergency due to gas leakage

Before a new gas cylinder is put on-line within a gas supply cabinet, process gas remaining from the previous cylinder must first be removed – both for reasons of safety and to ensure integrity of the fresh gas supply. The dead volume of residual gas is likely to be highly concentrated, toxic, pyrophoric, or corrosive, thus posing a considerable safety hazard.

Purge gases are evacuated through the absorber bed of the cartridge and are purified from hazardous gas concentrations by irreversible chemical conversion to solids. Refillable CLEANVENT cartridge types are available for a broad range of specialty gases and are supported by CS CLEAN SYSTEMS worldwide network of service partners.



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