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Process solutions for the etching of nanometre sized features, nanolayer deposition and the controlled growth of nanostructures.

Proprietary MEMS equipment


ince 2003, memsstar has served as Europe’s premier process and equipment supplier of etch and deposition solutions for semiconductor, MEMS and related technology manufacturing processes. The company innovates best-in-class solutions based on its proprietary memsstar® systems for MEMS applications.

memsstar offers full, design, process engineering and demo capabilities. ISO 9001 certified, the company is recognized for its technology development, process guarantees, as well as extensive service capabilities to support its full range of proprietary MEMS equipment.

How memsstar serves the global MEMS markets:

Developed MEMS-dedicated processes for manufacturing using semiconductor equipment
OEM for memsstar® tools optimized for MEMS-specific manufacturing

ORBIS™ 1000

Single-wafer vacuum loadlock for low-volume MEMS production

memsstar’s new ORBIS 1000 platform is ideal for low-volume MEMS production environments with automated single wafer handling. Once demand increases, the ORBIS 1000 platform can be converted and upgraded to a fully automated 3000 system, without losing your original PM investment. ORBIS 1000 features fully-automated processing that dramatically improves cycle time between wafers, providing the ideal level of productivity for commercial development and low-volume production.


ORBIS™ 3000

Automated handling and process integration for volume MEMS manufacturing

memsstar’s ORBIS 3000 platform provides automated wafer handling and cluster capability allowing for any combination of XERIC™ or AURIX™ process modules to a maximum of three. Proven in high-volume production, the new ORBIS 3000 enables our most advanced process capability to our customers.



Oxide and Silicon Etch Development Platform for Cost-effective MEMS Research

memsstar’s ORBIS™ ALPHA system is a low-cost, small footprint, self-contained version of our proven XERIC™ oxide and silicon etch processes designed to meet the price and performance requirements of the institutional and academic markets. It includes fully integrated process monitoring and endpoint control, a high-selectivity package and a proven hardware that delivers excellent uniformity and repeatability, critical to improving yield.


Dry Release Etching

memsstar’s XERIC™ dry release etch process module is available using vapor HF (Hydrogen Fluoride) and XeF2 (Xenon DiFluoride) chemistries. Combined with the company’s AURIX™ surface modification process module, memsstar is a leader in providing industry-leading release etch and self-assembled monolayer solutions.

memsstar’s XERIC system offers solutions for commercial R&D through to full-scale high volume manufacturing, by integrating memsstar’s ORBIS™ platforms to achieve the latest and most advanced processing.


SAM Coating

AURIX dry, vapor-phase SAM coatings offer major advantages over traditional wet chemical coatings. In particular, the vacuum deposition environment eliminates issues of moisture variation, crucial in creating repeatable and robust surface coatings. Precision-tuned processes, with patented control, reduce the amounts of chemicals used, offer superior surface properties and improved surface energy control.

With AURIX, SAM coatings can be created immediately following the release etching process. This enables the MEMS structure to be treated without breaking process-vacuum, maximizing yield. Our results have consistently demonstrated superior film characteristics, with durability, coverage and yield, when compared with wet chemical approaches.



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