We visited ALBA Synchrotron with Allectra and UHV Design

Visitamos ALBA junto a Allectra y UHV Design, We visited ALBA Synchrotron with Allectra and UHV Design

Allectra y UHV Design, two of our key suppliers of UHV equipment recently visited with Avactec the facilities of the ALBA Synchrotron, a third generation scientific infrastructure located in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona) and is the most important in the Mediterranean area.

Mario Peli, the managing director of Allectra Ltd and Pat O’Hara, sales manager for Europe for UHV Design, made presentations on their latest products for synchrotrons.

Sincrotrón ALBA

More information about Allectra and UHV Design products in our sections:

ALBA Synchrotron

Allectra llectra was founded in 2002 in Berlin and now manufactures and supplies a full range of HV (high vacuum) and UHV (ultra high vacuum) components, including custom products, to customers all over the world.

Allectra has a skilled team of physicists, technical advisers, engineers and specialist project managers who work with their customers on a project basis when a bespoke solution is needed.
Their physicists and engineers originate, develop and manufacture components for the high technology marketplace. These components have included Fibre Optic Feedthroughs, Circular Miniature Feedthroughs and High Frequency Feedthroughs (up to 40 GHz).

UHV Designmotion and heating, who have set the standard for innovative product development in the vacuum industry.

UHV Design has developed and manufactured vacuum manipulation solutions for over 15 years. In that time it has accumulated a ‘production proven’ product range, positioning the company at the forefront of high and ultra high vacuum manipulation.

By taking an innovative approach, UHV Design have often eliminated problems that were common place in manipulation product ranges based on older technology. For example, the kinematic movements of their LSM Z shift range, the magnetic coupling technology of their linear and rotary probes, and the choice of materials, bearings and sealing methods in all of their product ranges, have led to a range of significant improvements and developments in the vacuum industry.