Avactec is now Angstrom Sciences Circular Magnetrons distributor

Avactec is now Angstrom Sciences Circular Magnetrons distributor

Angstrom Sciences, Inc. was founded in 1988 to supply advanced magnetrons and refined materials for plasma vapor deposition of high quality thin films. With a strong focus on research and development, the company soon patented several technical advancements in magnetics, water-cooling, and circular magnetron target clamping designs. The features of the Angstrom Advantage™ have created the most advanced and easy-to-use magnetrons in the thin film industry.

Avactec is now Circular Magnetrons distributor

Angstrom Sciences’ circular magnetrons have become recognized as the new standard of the sputtering industry, because in addition to the advanced features of the Angstrom Advantage™, they offer a host of other performance advantages as well.

  • Versatile, Compact Design

Their compact design makes our circular magnetrons ideal for any new or retrofit application, including the most complex cluster assemblies for the smallest vacuum chambers.

  • Total Power Compatibility

Low-impedence heads provide RF, DC, mid-frequency DC, pulsed DC, and microwave power compatibility.Circular Magnetron External

  • Standard Fittings

We use ISO NW standard fittings, as well as Conflat® metal seal flanges. All utilities are maintained at atmosphere and accessed through standard O-ring compression fittings for easy installation in any vacuum system.

  • Full Range of Sizes

Circular magnetron sources are available from 1″ (25mm) through 16″ (406mm) target diameters in either standard or custom configurations.Circular Magnetron Precision Flex

  • Quick, Easy Target Change

Our patented threaded target clamp and anode shield allow you to change targets without the use of ancillary tools. Their built-in adjustability also lets you fit targets of varying thickness without resorting to spacing devices.

  • Lower, Pressure, High Power

ONYX® magnetrons can operate at extremely low pressure (down to the 10-4 Torr range), and our direct cooled designs can deliver power densities up to 250 watts/in2 (30 watts/cm2).

  • High Rates and Performance

With higher power densities, you can coat a substrate faster. So Angstrom Sciences maximizes both your coating zone and your target utilization (usually in the 40% range) without a trade-off in rate.

  • Greater Uniformity

Thanks to the patented profiled magnets, their magnetrons also deliver much greater uniformity of deposition – routinely in the ± 3-5% range.

  • Total Commitment

All Angstrom Sciences’ magnetrons are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for two full years.


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