Our supplier New Cosmos – BIE has launched a new website

Our supplier New Cosmos – BIE has launched a new website. New Cosmos – BIE is a supplier of gas detection equipment mixing high qualified gas detectors with smart forms of communications. They can offer a complete range of gas detection systems for toxic, combustible and flammable gases as well as detectors for oxygen depletion.

Gas detectors are used to detect combustible and toxic gases, and for oxygen depletion.

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Research & Development

New Cosmos has been growing as a technology-intensive company ever since its foundation. Technology development staff makes up a quarter of their workforce. They have applied for more than 470 patents in Japan and more than 20 abroad. New Cosmos pursues R&D efforts through active collaboration with the public sector and academia.

Their world-highest standard of research and development lead to unique in-house sensor technologies.

These gas detectors comply with the needs of their customers in Europe and through-out the world. In this way they work as a global company with local research and development support to develop the best safety solutions for our customers.

Unique gas sensors from New Cosmos

The development of New Cosmos’ gas sensors began from the desire to provide products that prevent gas accidents. They protect everyone from gas accidents in various settings at home and in industry.
They also are active in working environment measurement through detection of chemicals and in the field of medicine. It contributes not only to the fields of safety and fire prevention, but also to maintaining comfortable environments.