New Biallec’s 2018 catalogue, specialist for UHV connections

The New Biallec’s 2018 catalogue is available. Several series of our products are based on patented technologies, will grant unique properties and expand the capabilities of their products

The connection of pipes is an essential step in the industry. Currently offers a range of electrically isolated flanges for UHV (ultra high vacuum) conditions.

This system, known as FLOVAC, is much more compact than previous techniques as it doesn’t require intermediate tubes. More information can be found in Biallec’s 2018 catalogue.


is a specialist for connections, where high leak tightness and demountability is essential.
– Vacuum Technology
– Air Conditioning
– Liquids and cryo’ liquids
– Gas Supplies

Was founded in 2015 near Berlin. It moved in 2017 to Villingen-Schwenningen in the south of Germany. .