The new Radiation Resistant, High Temperature Kapton KAP301 wires

With the new KAP301 wires, Allectra offers special radiation resistant Kapton insulated wires.

The quality of these KAP301 cables is improved and this quality will replace the 311-KAPM-RAD versions.

KAP301 wires are available the following sizes:

– Multistrand wire, 0.35mm diameter 301-KAPM-035
– Multistrand wire, 0.6 mm diameter 301-KAPM-060

Other sizes will follow soon, including thermocouple wires.

These cables are offered on spools with 5m / 10m / 50m / 100m or custom lengths.




UHV (<10-10 mbar)

Radiation Resistance

109 Rad = 107 Gy

Temperature Range

4K … 300°C


Wrapped Wire insulation, Kapton


Silver plated copper, multistrand 0.35mm: 7x 0.12mm ø
0.6mm: 19x 0.1mm ø

Min. Bend radius

7.5 x diameter (long term)

Voltage Rating

7.5KV DC in vacuum

Disruptive Voltage

>15KV DC