UHV and HV compatible Titanium and Molybdenum fixings

For research, prototyping, and precision mechanics in-vacuum fixings need to be from durable, heat-resistant material.

Allectra is pleased to offer Titanium (Ti) and Molybdenum (Mo) screws with relative washers and nuts suitable for high and ultra-high vacuum use, for instance for in-vacuum sample mounting, prototype assembly and fixing of critical parts..

Technical background:
A screw’s dimensions are defined with 3 numbers: the DIN (or ISO number) determines the shape; the M-number (M1.6, M2 etc.) determines the thread, and the last number gives the length in mm.
Though many other shapes and forms are available we consider these suitable for the majority of in-vacuum applications


Ti screws, washers, nuts Minimum order quantity: 10 off
335-M1.6X4-84-TI 1.6 mm-threaded titanium screw, length: 4 mm, DIN 84 (See Fig. 1)
335-M1.6-125-TI Ti washer for 1.6 mm thread screw
335-M1.6-934-TI Ti nut for 1.6 mm thread
335-M2X5-84-TI 2 mm-threaded Ti screw, L-5 mm, DIN 84
335-M2X10-84-TI 2mm-threaded Ti screw, L-10 mm, DIN 84
335-M2-125-TI Ti washer for 2 mm thread screw
335-M2-934-TI Ti nut for 2 mm thread


 Mo screws, washers, nuts Minimum order quantity: 3 offDescuento
335-M2X4-963-MO 2 mm-threaded molybdenum screw, length: 4 mm, DIN 963
335-M2X2-84-MO 2 mm-threaded Mo screw, L-2 mm, DIN 84
335-M2X4-84-MO 2 mm-threaded Mo screw, L-4 mm, DIN 84
335-M2X8-84-MO 2 mm-threaded Mo screw, L-8 mm, DIN 84
335-M2X12-84-MO 2 mm-threaded Mo screw, L-12 mm, DIN 84
335-M2X16-84-MO 2 mm-threaded Mo screw, L-16 mm, DIN 84
335-M2-125-MO Mo washer for 2 mm-threaded screws
335-M2-934-MO Mo nut for 2 mm thread


Additional notes:
Further Mo screws, nuts and washers in sizes M1-M2 are also available on request.


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