As part of Allectra’s growth and expansion strategy, Allectra Limited has appointed UCVAC to become the sole distributor of Allectra products in the Greater China Region.

China is an emerging worldwide leader and investor in the scientific sector. The government has plans to build two more synchrotrons in Beijing and Wuhan.
Construction of China’s newest synchrotron, its fourth, is expected to start in Beijing soon and take six years to complete, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

China’s three operating synchrotrons are located in Beijing, Shanghai and Hefei in Anhui province. China has made significant progress in the field. Shanghai’s Synchrotron Radiation Facility, for example, has played a key role in revealing the inner mechanism of various cancers.

Allectra has a good reputation in beamline technologies and we will be liaising with the persons responsible for the new synchrotron projects and promoting Allectra products accordingly.
Tao Lu, Managing Director, UCVAC

“Allectra has a good reputation in beamline technologies,” says Tao Lu, Managing Director, UCVAC, “and we will be liaising with the persons responsible for the new synchrotron projects and promoting Allectra products accordingly.”

Allectra has three advanced manufacturing facilities with scientific and engineering capabilities and has built a solid reputation for the delivery of complex high-profile projects.

Allectra recently supplied water-cooled masks, scatter guard and cooling circuits for the new 102 Versatile Macromolecular X-tallography in-situ beamline at Diamond Light Source as well as a new generation of radiation hard switches for ITER, the important European fusion experiment.

Allectra has also seen its own-designed products being adopted as industry standards by European synchrotrons. In fact, the company has seen widespread adoption of its proprietary technology across multiple scientific disciplines.
“We will also be marketing Allectra components and capabilities to other sectors by participating in conferences and exhibitions,” adds Lu.

“This is a great opportunity for Allectra. We are very well known in all of the major research centres in Europe and America, but our approach to the Asian market, apart from Japan, has been mainly reactive. Working with UCVAC, a young and dynamic scientific equipment supplier, will allow us to be more proactive and give our existing and future customers the right level of support they merit, says Mario Peli, Managing Director, Allectra Limited, “as we will be bringing our expertise and competitively priced components to a very dynamic and expanding scientific community.


UCVAC is a privately held company, established in 2016, to focus on the sales and support of UHV surface science equipment, vacuum deposition systems and related nanotechnology products. The company exclusively represents top brands which have leading technology and outstanding product features while demonstrating product quality.

Staff members are experts with extensive training and market experience. The company operates from offices in Shanghai and Beijing as well as having a trading office in Hong Kong.